The Divine Feminine
The Divine Feminine
The Divine Feminine

The Divine Feminine

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A stunning artwork to incorporate all that is the divine feminine. Sitting within the layout of the sacred geometrical seed of life the Sheela na Gigs pour out all their power.

Bringing in aspects of the beautiful flowers of the haw, in full bloom as we step into the most fertile moments of the Celtic calendar, entwined amidst the healing magic of the Brigid's cross.

The mermaids being the core symbolism of old of the divine feminine in their sea of sacred geometry, the flower of life, of all things interconnected.

Goddess Moons, the Maiden, The Mother and The Crone

90cms x 90cms

100% Pure Silk Twill

Hand rolled hems

Designed In Ireland

Made In Italy

Packaged beautifully in a hand made pouch.