Jerusha Marley is a Fashion Designer/Illustrator based on the Wild West Coast of Ireland.
Born in Gloucestershire, England, raised in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.
Jerusha studied Fine and Applied Arts in the University of Ulster, York St, Belfast graduating with a BA(hons)Degree in Fine and Applied Arts
The inspiration for her artworks is taken from Shamanic practice, the local land around her and Celtic Mythology.
All her artworks are hand drawn from start to finish.
From here they are digitalised and sent to Lake Como, Italy where a team of some of the finest Artisans translate her artworks onto luxury silk.
The entire process to create just one silk is done with much love, inspiration, creativity and attention to detail.
With that in mind only very small quanities of each artwork are taken to print creating a very special, luxurious and unique piece of wearable art.
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