The Jaguar Goddess Moons
The Jaguar Goddess Moons
The Jaguar Goddess Moons

The Jaguar Goddess Moons

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A Stunning Canvas print available in a wide variety of size options.

A mighty addition to any room.

The print covers the sides of the canvas which allows you to hang on wall directly as it is. If you so wished the canvas may be framed also to suit your decor.

 A hand drawn artwork by Jerusha Marley.

 'The Jaguar Goddess Moons'

The Jaguar centre stage stalks from the Triple Goddess. The Triple Goddess Moons correlate to each stage of Woman's life, the Maiden, Mother and Crone. Sitting above is the infinity symbol, the magical cobra of ancient Egypt, awakened and ready to claim it's power. The call to wake up and rise into our divinity. The symbol of infinity.

The Crows in flight bringing symbolism of power, intelligence, creativity, courage, broad-mindedness and mystery.

The Black Jaguar reminds us of our strength and focus. To know when to stay silent or when to make your presence known.

The Jaguar teaches us to stay tuned in to all our vibrations. To walk in our truth even amongst chaos to remain courageous.

It continually reminds us of all the power, beauty, strength, grace and knowledge we own.

The Snakes feature heavily, within the infinity symbol and also two snake lovers present at the base of the artwork, entwined within an embrace but looking in opposite directions. Strong in their freedom and uniqueness. A meeting of the Yin and Yang, the Masculine and Feminine, a meeting of equal powers and strength. Of darkness and of light.

Some antique style Sun stamps adorn the foreground of the drawing.

A magical drawing with all the powerful feels to bring strength through the shadow depths.



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There is no return or refund on all canvas and giclée prints.

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