Banríon CANVAS Print

Banríon CANVAS Print

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Beautiful canvas print in a variety of sizes.

The perfect addition to any room.

The print covers the sides of the canvas which compliments the drawing devinely.

Can be hung as is or if you so wished can be framed to suit your decor.

Print of the hand drawn artwork by Jerusha Marley:

Translated to 'Queen' this beautifiul artwork encompasses all that is the powerful feminine energy of the true Goddess.

This beautiful illustration depicts the crow representing the Goddess Morrigan from Celtic Mythology. She represents the circle of life and is associated with both birth and death, destiny and fate.

The leopard representing sensuality, feminine energy, power, elegance and perserverance.

The centre leopard sitting upon crescent Moon.

The crescent Moon is the beginning phase, the opportunity for new beginnings.

The centre leopard with her head turned looking directly at us, beckoning us to follow her on this exciting new journey.


Please note: All canvas prints are made to order and can take up to 3 weeks for preparation and delivery.


There is no return or refund on all Canvas prints.

Please make sure you have chosen the correct size before purchase.