Celtic Medicine Wheel Giclee Print

Celtic Medicine Wheel Giclee Print

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The Celtic Medicine Wheel incorporating all the magical symbolism:

Triquetra -the mother, maiden and crone.

The mother - creation

The maiden - innocence

The crone - wisdom.

Also symbolises earth, fire and water and the three interlocking circles are symbolic of female fertility.

Ogham Symbols for:




Irish native mushroom medicine of the Amanita Muscaria and Liberty Caps

The Celtic Calendar

Sheela na Gigs


The Hare and Stag

Megalithic art of Loughcrew, carvings

Megalithic art of Newgrange, carvings


Fiddle & Harp

Brigid Cross

Aspects of the Celtic Tree Calendar

The Four Elements and Directions


Printed on a beautiful Hahnemuhle Pearl Card.



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